domingo, 11 de abril de 2010


This poem is about leaving feelings/emotions behind

Am i good? or am i just fooling myself
by telling you the truth a expensive
price i had to pay.

I feel broken like a glass of wine
that a drunkie accidentally
threw to the floor.

the wine on the floor is
the whole essence of me
the glass means my soul and heart
mixed into one piece.

the drunkie one?
of course it's you
who accidentally
without any purpouse
broke me.

You saw the damage
Now you dont talk
you want to pretend this never happened
you always want to be so morally correct

Now that you see me broken in small pieces
you want to fix up your mistake by
putting me, the wine in another glass
you say let's pretend this never happened
never happened im so sick and tired
of hearing that motherfucker speech.

when will i get the truth???
oops i forgot im broken
i got the truth i was hoping
that you could tell me, but no
i had to figure it out
if you would have the courage
to tell me by yourself
I wouldnt be that broken...

bless ya

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