martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Will I Am

If I had to define my love for you I would say it's like a magical winter rose: the seed mystically came flying to the almost dried soil of my heart, then it went growing up little by little... Without nobody noticing it, not even myself. Then a little bud appeared there, it went growing and growing... Against the heat, against all the hurricanes that tried to take it down. But then, one day it started to rise and rise with the morning dew from your beautiful soul & heart, and your calming presence. Then when I least expected it your rose started to open up her petals, at the beggining really shy and one by one, but after a while it fully bloomed and started to shine with her white petals like diamonds.... Nowdays it shines stronger and lightens my soul like thousands of thunders in this cold winter.

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