martes, 1 de julio de 2014


His fingers slipped through her lips like a drop of rain on a rose petal
The softness of her soul caressed the coldness of his world
Her darkness was too big for him to understand it, but he brought her to his world anyways
She was lying on the ground, sleeping beauty, ruled by a deep & ancient darkness
sleeping to hide the pain... Hide from the world...
The misery
The loneliness
All those thoughts came into her mind once she thought about him & her feelings
¿Why does it hurt her so deeply?
¿Why cant she find the courage needed to embrace him?
¿Is she used to remain in such dark sorrow for the eternity?
¿Can a kiss fade away all that? ¿Or will it make it worse?
The pain is just too strong, she doesnt want to trust anybody... anybody
Only death can be trusted, she says.

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